My Work as an Instructor

I get asked from time to time: “What do college professors do anyway?”  The answer to that question is complex and can vary radically from one person to another.  Factors such as your area of specialization, what part of the world you work in, what institution currently employs you, and rank or seniority you currently hold shape the expectations of  your job.

In my current job at Lane, I see my primary duty as building and teaching effective courses and working closely with students to provide the support they need to be successful in these courses.  I also do a fair amount of service work, including serving on the Assessment and Composition Committees, helping with events in the Honor’s Program, being the Division Rep for the annual employee fundraising campaign for the college Foundation, serving on hiring committees or ad hoc committees as needed, and most recently, joining Lane’s Peace Center Committee. I have many areas of academic interest, most connected in some way to courses I teach or service work I do.  So the other component to my job is saying current in the research being done in this areas, which include: Minority Rhetorics, Rhetorical Genre Studies, Women’s, Children’s, and Black American Literatures as well as Life Narratives.  I’m also beginning to delve into the research surrounding Working Class Literature.

You can find more specific information about my professional work and accomplishments on my CV.

In addition to my duties as a professor, I have also taken on a new professional endeavor as a documentary film producer, which is linked in interesting ways to the work I do on campus and in the classroom.

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