My CCPD Work

In February 2014, Lane’s Board of Education adopted a Cultural Competency Policy which charged the president, Mary Splide, with ensuring “the implementation of a program of professional development that requires all employees to participate in appropriate education and training.” In response to this policy work began across campus to envision what a Cultural Competency Professional Development (CCPD) program would look like on Lane’s campus, and from these conversations, work groups were created to begin gathering materials and resources in a variety of areas of cultural competency, which included the development of CCPD workshops in various areas. You can access some of that work on our Engaging Diversity blog.

In the 2014/15 academic year CCPD work groups were formed around what we determined to be the eight main focal points of our CCPD work: race/ethnicity, religion/spirituality, social class, gender, social justice, ability/age, sexuality, and military status. Each of these work groups was tasked with beginning to compile resources and develop workshops relevant to the specific focal point of the group. I participated in two of these work groups, gender and social class. While the social class group stalled for a variety of reasons the gender group moved forward and compiled a fair number of resources and crafted a beginning level workshop.

In the 2015/16 academic year I am part of the official CCPD committee and will work with other members of the committee to move our campus-wide efforts forward. I also hope to work on the social class work group and continue work on the gender work group.

Below you can find links to more information on my engagement with the CCPD work.

CCPD ePortfolio Template

Board of Education Beginning Level CCPD Workshop