The Big Picture

Goals are an essential part of creating the foundation for achievement in my life.  It is important for me to have variety of goals–short term and long term, big and small–to help keep me focused and motivated.

goalsI believe that once I’ve set goals, it’s important for me to write them down, which helps make them more concrete and clear and for me to share my goals.  Sharing my goals helps hold me accountable for working toward them.  Additionally, sharing my goals sometimes helps me achieve them more quickly or efficiently because sometimes when I share my goals with others, we discover that we have similar or complementary goals and can work together to achieve these goals.

This page is a space where I can share my goals as well as track progress and/or difficulties I encounter as I work to achieve my goals.  In some cases, when my goals are related to producing something, I will also use this space to document the achievement of my goal by sharing what I was aiming to create.


Professional Goals

Personal Goals

Reached Goals