Film Work

I have long loved documentary film. And it’s been an honor and privilege, beginning in fall of 2013 to have had the opportunity participate in the creation of several feature-length documentary films in the roles of story editor and producer. 

So how does an English professor end up as a film producer?  This is a great question, and one I’ve frankly asked myself a lot during the first year of this work.  The answer for this gal is part geeky interest in documentary films and a background in narrative theory/life narratives, and part (as is often the case) pure happenstance.

In fall 2013, I was offered the opportunity by my friend Ian Thomas Ash, who already had four feature documentary films to his name, to produce his newest film  1287.  I have deep respect for Ian’s work, a particular attachment to the story told by this film, and a pretty severe addiction to documentary films, so I jumped at the opportunity to be involved in production work for –1287.  And the rest, as they say, is now history.

Below you can find links to pages that contain in-depth information about my experience with each feature length film I’ve worked on. These experiences also led me to the opportunity to work with students on the campus where I teach to create some educationally-focused mini-documentaries, which you can also find out more about in the links below.

Feature-Length Documentary Films



Academic Mini-Documentary Films

CLO Mini-Doc

ePortfolio Mini-Doc