ePortfolio Work


Over the past few years I have been redesigning my college-level Writing courses so that the assignments in the course enable students to begin building an ePortfolio. ePortfolios offer students an excellent way to document their learning and demonstrate their metacognative skills. Since many colleges and professions are now considering or even requiring ePortfolios as part of admission/hiring processes, integrating ePortfolios into my Writing courses means that students leave my classes with a foundation for en ePortfolio that they will be able to use long after my class is over.

Below you will find links to some of the ePortfolios of some of my students.

Cailean (Dakota) MacColl 

Luke Mahoney 

Alexandra Crawford 

Yui Takeuchi 

Trina Delgado 

Rosella Coiskey 

Ramses Labastida 

Stacy Bennett 

Emma Reed 

Mike Dann 

Hyeri Yun 

Zan Burton 

Bruin Campbell 

Sarah Callegari 

Andrew Keosky 

Hank Forrest 

Minette Roberts 

Chad McCarty 


Nathan Boechler 

John Pfender

Logan Keister 

Erika Schaufler

Shelbi Yucka