CLO Mini-Doc

Lane’s Core Learning Outcomes (CLOs) are an important component to student learning and can provide students with a framework through which they can be active participants in crafting their liberal arts education rather than passive recipients of this liberal arts model.  I believe that the more students can really grasp what it means to receive a liberal arts education and the more involved they can be in carefully selecting meaningful courses to include in their own liberal arts path, the more they can learn from both individual courses as well as their overall educational experience.

CLO logo

One of our CLO posters

In fall 2014 I began working with four of my former and current students to create a mini-documentary in which students shared how Lane’s CLOs impacted their learning at Lane. An additional goal of the film was to provide accessible ways in which other Lane students might embrace and utilize the CLOs to help them navigate their education at Lane.

The students who starred in the mini-doc were quite excited to be a part of this project.  All of them had seen the impact that focusing on the CLOs can had on their educational trajectories at Lane, and they enjoyed the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with other Lane students. I also had a very talented camera team, headed by Nick Shipway, who was also my post-production editor.

The primary audience of the mini-documentary is present and future Lane students, but I encourage you to watch it too and hear what these dedicated and talented students have to say about their experiences with the CLOs.