My ePortfolio is a fluid space that will be under continual construction, which means you may find areas that aren’t yet complete, and that you may want to keep checking back to see what I’ve added.

I’m a professor at Lane Community College, and I require that students who take my college-level Writing courses begin crafting personal ePortfolios in my class because I believe that ePortfolios are an important component of learning and career success in the 21st century. As such, I think it’s essential for me to have my own ePortfolio, because I don’t believe in asking students to create things that I myself would not be willing or able to do.
Having an ePortfolio of my own allows me to model their importance for my students, as well as to have a space where I can play, experiment, and try new things in the Wordpress platform that my students are also using.  I have the opportunity in this process to learn alongside my students as I maintain an ePortfolio alongside them.  I’ve no doubt they’ll teach me as much as I teach them in this process.  Having my own ePortfolio allows me to better understand both the joys and benefits of having an ePortfolio, as well as the struggles and obstacles that are faced when building and maintaining one.  This will help keep my ePortfolio expectations for students reasonable and help inform my assessment of their work.

The aspect of my ePortfolio that I’m most excited about is the space it will give me to chart and reflect upon my professional endeavors and growth.  Working in academia often lends itself to a frantic pace that leaves one constantly looking forward to the next task at hand. Having a space in which I can pause and reflect on various aspects of my professional life will allow me to see my professional growth over time and remember such things as what aspects of particular courses did or didn’t work so I can improve them in the future.  It will also allow me to easily share assignments, reading lists, or syllabi from my courses, teaching resources, research I’ve done, or writings/projects I’m working on with others who might be interested.